Donning Your SCBA with Seatbelt


Donning your SCBA while wearing a seatbelt can be a difficult and entangling task if not practiced. Here are a couple of quick techniques that might help you make this task easier.First have the seatbelt in a position that makes it easily accessible, but not in a position that will cause it to be closed…

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First Due Rural Engine: Laying the Line


I recently have had a lot of suggestions and requests to post on some volunteer, rural, combination issues that the fire service faces. I started and am still a member of a mostly rural volunteer, now combination, department. My earliest exposure to the fire service was at this mostly rural department. We had a large…

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Quick Drill: Apparatus Drill for Appliances


So, sometimes we need a change of pace or we’ve had a busy day on shift, but we still need to drill. Or, maybe your at your volunteer department and you have some guys just hanging out waiting for the next call.   Here is a quick drill that, in many cases, will turn into…

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