Benefits of the Low Prop for Bailout


We have the distinct honor and pleasure to offer our Firefighter Bailout class at FDIC 2015 this year as one of the HOT classes.  We feel, like most, that we should train and drill constantly on the basics like engine company operations, search, ventilation, fire behavior, ladder work, forcible and the list goes on, to […]

Four Simple Rules for the Company Officer


I talk a great deal about the role of the company officers and how they influence the members of your department.  When teaching officer development we hit hard on setting and establishing expectations and ensuring that there is follow-through with those expectations.  I was recently asked about expectations for my company officers.  They aren’t too […]

[Podcast – 003] Street Smart Firefighting in Hoarder Homes with Ryan Pennington

hoarding Podcast

In this episode, we talk with Ryan Pennington from Chamber of Hoarders about fighting fires in hoarder homes. Hoarding conditions present many hazards for firefighters from disorientation to collapse, and much more.  Ryan shares his street smart techniques that will help you safely and effectively fight these fires.  He share a mental checklist that you […]