Figuring Hose Stretches: Company Drill


Here is a quick drill for figuring out hose stretches for larger complexes or properties with long set backs. The key is to get out and figure this out long before the call comes in. Share and add your own information to it. Company Drill for EHT Hose Stretch

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Explanation of Webbing Removal for Basements Escapes

Here is a look at an explanation of the webbing video we showed last week to escape from a basement. Of course, size of windows will dictate the level of difficulty, but the technique will work on smaller windows if practiced with.    

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Inside Balloon Frame Construction: A Review

This video is one we did a couple of years ago when we had an opportunity to get inside a home that was scheduled for demolition. The house was a balloon frame constructed house and we were able to get some great pictures of the interior structural components. Use it for you training or as…

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Personal Rescue Webbing Set Up and Storage

Here is a quick, simple video showing one option for setting up and storing your rescue webbing.  We understand that there are several options for storing your webbing, but this is one that is simple and effective.    

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Perimeter Search Company Drill


Attached to this post is a company drill for doing a Perimeter Search. As always, follow your departments operational guidelines and policies.  Keep an eye out for more drills on our site.   EHT Perimeter Search Drill  

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Donning Seat Belt with SCBA & Radio Strap [Video]

Due to overwhelming response to the post with the photos of the wearing your seat belt, instructor Steve Heidbreder, a Captain with the Metro West Fire Protection District, and Instructor here at Engine House Training LLC  has created a video showing techniques for buckling up and donning your SCBA and how to wear your radio…

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Opportunities for Training:Not Just on the Drill Ground


Many times we pass on opportunities to train or learn something although many situations lend themselves to doing so. Look for ways to incorporate the situation or circumstance that you are dealing with into a learning moment. The pictures below are of a company training on aerial ops with a candidate operator. It was a…

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For the Prospective Fire Officer: Prepare


I started a new video series and am presenting a new class at FDIC 2015 called “10 Commandments for the Company Officer: A Guide for Success off the Fireground.” The class touches on 10 things for the new company officer to consider for success in the firehouse and dealing with his members. In the first section, or…

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Donning Your SCBA with Seatbelt


Donning your SCBA while wearing a seatbelt can be a difficult and entangling task if not practiced. Here are a couple of quick techniques that might help you make this task easier.First have the seatbelt in a position that makes it easily accessible, but not in a position that will cause it to be closed…

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First Due Rural Engine: Laying the Line


I recently have had a lot of suggestions and requests to post on some volunteer, rural, combination issues that the fire service faces. I started and am still a member of a mostly rural volunteer, now combination, department. My earliest exposure to the fire service was at this mostly rural department. We had a large…

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Quick Drill: Apparatus Drill for Appliances


So, sometimes we need a change of pace or we’ve had a busy day on shift, but we still need to drill. Or, maybe your at your volunteer department and you have some guys just hanging out waiting for the next call.   Here is a quick drill that, in many cases, will turn into…

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